Saturday, 9 April 2016

The One when JC met BIGG, The NewBreed & A Day For The Dead 9/4/16

Mad  show .. Lots of amazing music and three guests in three hours 
BIGG , A Day For The Dead & The Newbreed . Amazing to talk to you all ! 


A Day For The Dead -

Twitter -@aDayForTheDead

The NewBreed -

Twitter -@NewbreedThe 

Playlist -

Her -This Velvet prison
Jack Bartlett -Out of the blue 
Takao -Humis 
Velvet & Stone -That Road  
Zahra -Invisible ( Cabrine remix ) 
Steve Strong -Wide open space 
Pretend Happy-Hellp  
Rosie Eade Band -Ashamed 
WarHorns -Piece of mind 
Dead Ground-Freak Show  
Circle of Reason -Questions 
I Am Kode -Flood 
Riviera Rockers -Come Again 
Secrets of September -Life's too short 
AGk -XOX ft Ok penrice 
Tribe  Dive -Breakdown ft Chris Linton 
A Day For The Dead -Time is not our friend 

Big Sound of the week -
Wolven -Over 

Featured Album 
Maddigans -No place like here 
Some people just don't get it 
42 Days 

BIGG -Man Overboard
How do you sleep 
Newbreed -Broken Britain 
Rock is dead 

Info -

Wet $heet$ - AGK [808Soul™]
Young up and coming artist named AGK. 

Originally from Manchester moved down too the South. (Teignmouth)

Also running a label with a few yet still growing Artists on a new up and coming genre trending called "Trap-Soul". The Music Group/Label is called 808Soul™

First Ever Music Video hit 56,000 Views On YouTube. AGK - Come On Baby (Remix)

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