Tuesday, 12 April 2016

The One when JC met Steve Dagleish .12/4/16

Big thanks to my guest tonight Steve  Dagleish . He played a live session and we talked all about his current album , musician life ! 

Twitter -@Dagelfish

FB -https://m.facebook.com/Dagelfish/?tsid=0.3166073812171817&source=typeahead

Playlist -
The Blue Horizon-Big House 
Killatrix -Bad Language 
Glenn Meling -Brother Jonathan 
Bryon Major -Electric Eyes 
Luke Potter -Storms 
Afrian Prince -Wolves 
Elasea -Time is against us
Indya -Harder faster 
Sixty Minute Man -You made me say please 
Smokey Joe & the Kid-Smokid All stars 
Luna Rosa -Fever 
Ginger Tom -Thought you'd won 
Frank D'angelo -I want to live. Forever  
Josh Mellor-Same Bed’

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