Saturday, 27 August 2016

The one when JC meet Danny Blackaller 27/8/16

Danny Blackaller talked on the show about his HD sessions 

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Playlist -
Featured album -Young runaway 
Hattie Brigs ft jack Cookson -Have we met before ?
The River 
The Ellipsis -Cold Catus 
Propeller -Crocodile Tears 
Sneaky Nixions -schadenfreude 

Jc's Big Sound Of the week 
Arbor -Say nothing 

Sertari -Keep on dreaming 
Lzi Phoenix -Don't cry ) don't worry ) 
Little Mister -Hard loving woman 
Benjamin Talley -To you, we surrender 
Charlie Kempson -Mind , Body 
Blood moon -Stergin 
Worm rot -Fallen into disuse 
Cavemouth -Who's pulling the strings 
Cado -Take me back 
Carbine -This must ( ft Zahra D) 
Mitchell & Vincent  -Maggies Pancakes 
Emily Browne -Stood still 
Roni -Gravity 
Pretend Happy -Save me 
I Am Kode -Paint the sky 
Paul Armer -Drive 
Reggaskas-Who's the Daddy? 
Bo James -Rock my world 

Back Tree Suns -Don't believe ( live )
Raikes -Sirens ( live )
Lewis Hayward -Black Jean Booper 


Snaeaky Nixons
The Liverpool based and appropriately named 'Snaeaky Nixons' champion a sound that is cheeky, punky and rough around the edges. That being said their production quality is absolutely impeccable.

The band describes themselves as an angry, semi political, semi religious, part feminist, sloppy activist group who play riots, steam train guitar music. The have declared war on electronic dance music, guns and non believers of their rock-n-roll escapade. Flashy, Blase and with a startling superiority complex the band have no time for humdrum normality, preferring the out of control, dangerous and volatile and fast paced lifestyle of living in a brutal riotous and rock-n-roll fashion.

Similar to the infamous Rolling Stones, Blur, Oasis and Elvis Presley the band arent short of musical influences to be the next huge rock sensation. Having already toured Berlin, Amsterdam, Hamburg and Rotterdam the band are beginning to leave their mark globally.

Though the band use fairly little equipment they use intelligence, control and arrangement to created and incredible live performance. Uniquely using slide guitar, a megaphone, whammy bar and of course lighter fluid to set their guitars on fire!

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Raw rhythms, beats and breaks from the voice of a broken soul.
Who Little Mister are is a bit of a mystery … but the music is far from a mystery, it’s an eclectic, infectious fusion of sounds from Dance to Delta Blues.  No stone will be left unturned.
Little Mister write songs that reflect the different genres of music they've previously performed, mix them all together and see what comes out.  They don't limit or restrict themselves -  anything goes.
After connecting musically in their teens, Little Mister went on to explore different music with other musicians.  They've now reunited and are loving the energy in the music they create.  
Some of the songs/lyrics come from personal experiences.  Sometimes the music dictates.  It's what feels right that matters.  



Mitchell and Vincent
website ( ) for more information about us (including our Ceilidh and Luthiery links) as well as some videos of live performances, recordings and a gigs list. We are on Facebook ( ) and YouTube ( ) which has other clips and material. You can also find us both on Twitter @mitchellandvin (David) and @mitchellandvinc (Graham).

Izi Phoenix-

Review of Pain
"I love this song. It's so dark and lovely, and that's exactly the kind of music I like. I love his low voice, it's intense without being loud. And the lyrics are poetic and gorgeous, so wanting and grotesque."

Review of Don't Cry
"this song starts of with a soothing beat, followed by a almost haunting vocalist whose voice resonates through you, the song its self has a deep meaning behind it. if i had to sum this song up in one word it would be beautiful. A truly wonderful song "

Review of Find A Way
"I feel a sense of longing for home. Overall the vocals are FANTASTIC, his voice and the guitars in the back have a dynamic relationship with it. The guitars are fantastic also, it sets the mood and just hearing it sends chills down my spine because its so good."

Below is a link to my profile on Bandamp and Facebook where you can listen to the rest of my Ep.

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