Saturday, 6 August 2016

The one when JC met Gozer Goodspeed @ The Blend 6/8/16

Dylan & Fred from The Blend called the show and Gozer Goodspeed played a live session and talked about his new EP 


Two tracks back to back from new @HorlerSadie EP @rivierafm #jccooperlive 
She's out and about this summer festival season ! Go find go seek ! 

 played on #jccooperlive @rivierafm new single from @Tariqbhatty he just getting better and better !

Playlist -

Featured Album -
Bob Dee -Tell me 
Bob Dee -In a world 

Propeller -Freefall 
Ollie Stephens -You've changed 
Fall children -Daily news
Charlie Kempson -Mind body 
Unsung Lilly -Song X 
The soul connection -Rapture 
Elies Bailly -Barrel of a gun 

Feature EP -Sadie Horler 
Polka dot skirt 
Snogging molly

The Blend -Don't waste my time 

Gozergoodspeed -ear to the ground plus three live tracks 

Info -

Elles Bailey
Her husky toned, lived-in voice sounds like she has a 60-a-day habit, was caused by a serious illness when she was three causing her throat to almost close up! 

"Elles Bailey gave it all, the complete package, energy, swagger and soul, whilst her band matched her passion and drive laying down hook after hook. Blues Princess, maybe, but with performances like this Elles will soon be taking the throne by storm" Live Review - Blues in Britain 

'A smoky blues-rock record that fizzes with pop appeal' Songwriting Magazine 

Nowadays Elles and her band (made up of some of Bristol’s brightest and finest) are currently tearing up the UK and European scene, scoring raves reviews at every place they play from Bristol to Berlin, with energy packed hi-octane performances. That trademark gravelly voice providing the lead. 

She is backed in the studio by well known producer Brian Banks (of Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie collaboration) and Elles is certainly headed for big things. And rightly so, this captivating, hard-working songstress mixes the soul of the blues & blends of country with a contemporary edge, featuring meaningful and personal lyrics, big anthemic choruses and smooth blends of pop sensibilities. Her songs showcase her amazing vocal talent and her band’s incredible musicianship. She has been featured numerous times in print and on radio, had one of her songs used on an iShares advert and has been steadily building a dedicated following from the sensational live performances.

Her last EP features Spencer Ludwig on the second track ‘Heart Go Oooh’. Ludwig, plays trumpet for the LA band Capital Cities, who had a top ten hit with their single ‘Safe and Sound’ and have just finished opening for Katy Perry on her Prismatic Tour. Elles had a busy 2015, releasing her ‘Who am I to me EP’ and touring the UK and Europe in January, February and March then playing the summer festival circuit, and doing a mini tour in October. 2016 is set to be even busier - She has currently just finished an extensive tour of Europe taking the south of the UK, Holland, Belgium, Germany and Austria, finishing on home town soil with a slot at The Bristol Jazz & Blues Festival.  

What’s next for Elles Bailey? She has some great festival slots booked for the summer of 2016 including a slot on the British Stage at The Colne Great British Rhythm and Blues Festival. She will be touring the UK with her band throughout September and October and joining Wille & The Bandits to open for them on part of their tour at the end of October. 

As well as writing and touring her own music Elles actively supports new talent in the music industry. She has just taken a post as Head of Production & Host of Positively Talented, the newest station brought to you by Noel Edmonds, part of his PositivityRadio.World. Positively Talented provides a global stage for singers, musicians, producers and writers who want to break into the tightly controlled music industry. Broadcasting 24/7 around the world Positively Talented aims to showcase and playlist the finest “unsigned’ & “undiscovered” performers alongside more world renowned artists. For more information, to hear the station or to submit music please head to Positively Talented 


Fall children -

This has to be one of the most exciting bands to emerge from South East Coast of England this year, they have already been hailed as “the young Who” and it’s not hard to see why. Their energetic new single ‘Don’t Waste My Time’ taken from their debut album ‘All Departures’ released August 26this dripping with classic British rock style and raw passion.


The three young men behind this wall of sound are front man Dylan Smith whose subversive vocals and punk inspired guitar riffs power through each of the tracks on their forthcoming album. Freddie Smith’s 60’ keyboard style brings back haunting echoes of a retro Hammond that further defines the bands definitive sound and Francis Whitley’s frantic but precise drumming draws parallels with the maestro himself Keith Moon, who once said, to get your music to be a little more forceful, hit the drums harder.

So suffice it for us to say, this is a band to certainly watch out for …


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