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Show 2/8/16

Playlist -

I am Kode -Paint the sky 
James George -Make you mine 
The curious incident -Money 

Killatrix -FRFGT (first play world wide exclusive ) 

Jennifer Brening -Miracle
Hattie Briggs -Summertime man 
Elegantly wasted -Fire away 
Early Hours -Into the wilderness 
Those unfortunates -Letter writing man 
The spins -Colours 
Cameron Davidson -Invented 
Velvet Kills -Red shoes 
Lit like Vegas -Drawing all the lines 
Jeff Finlin -Sugar Blue 
Schnarff Schnarff-cadavers 
The blend -Dint waste my time 
The hallows -Element 
The Pali Gap -I'm your mother 

Info -

KILLATRIX release their fabulous new single FRFGT (Firefight) on 5th August

Following on from the release of single 'Supersonic', the band are really starting to make a name for themselves now, this awesome, high energy bunch blast out a great big chunk of exceptionaly groovy rock with a twist and a shake, seriously dance inducing stuff!

They put on a fantastic live show and you can catch them at the following shows, more are currently being confirmed: 

Upcoming live shows:
5th August, Chinnerys, Southend supporting MIND
28th August, Sutton Arms (acoustic), Southend On Sea
9th September, Facebar, Reading supporting Brutai
10th December, Asylum, Chelmsford

Mini album KLTRX will be released on the 19th August.


Raised on Manga, metal and the undeniable influence of the Essex dance scene, Killatrix like to push the boundaries of rock, lacing it with electronica to create a hybrid, electro-dirt noise. Citing influences from the deep grunt of Nu Metal, the vocal genius of Gwen Stefani and old school electro, their sound is a combination of hard hitting beats, massive bass, fat guitars and gnarly synths, topped with powerful vocals.
With the Essex music scene in good health but local venues in decline, the band decided to get out into the world, building up an impressive portfolio of shows which has seen them secure festival slots at the likes of Brownstock and V Festival, supporting reggae-metal outfit Sonic Boom Six as well as being asked to support one of the bands biggest influences, The Qemists, on their 2015 tour.

In 2015 they released their first single Overcome to some acclaim, dubbed as a future classic by BBC Essex Introducings Ollie Winiberg, and have since released the follow-up single Bad Language, which has seen the band make a name for themselves in and around Essex and London. With new singles and a debut album ready to go, the band will be playing a number of supporting shows around the UK with a few European shows in the pipeline.

Previously supported: Qemists, Fratellis, Sonic Boom Six, Skarlett Riot, The Raven Age, The Hype Theory, Tek One etc
SinDii reveals playing live is what we do best. Every time we step up onto any stage we give it all weve got, always. Chris agrees, We all love what we do and the music we make. There are so many ideas that we want try. Its exciting!.

Instagram: @killatrix

The Pali Gap
website is thepaligap.com

Hailing from the South of England, explosive rock band Lit Like Vegas combine super charged, high octane guitar riffs with massive sing-along choruses and fist pumping melodies.

The band have just released an exciting new music for single 'Drawing All The Lines' which is set to kick things off for the quintet this year. Lit Like Vegas are a band to sit up and take notice of!

Airy alt-rock anthem ‘Invented’ from Southampton sensation Cameron Davidson

“Really Good Pop songs” – Melita Dennett, BBC Introducing: The South

“His most recent song, ‘Invented’, has a bit of a Coldplay feel about it, with more than a vibe of Americana. It’s a really airy, light, eminently re-playable song, and a brilliant showcase of his talent.” – Essentially Pop
“Polished to perfection, Open Your Eyes is a fantastic track which if there is any justice in the world should be destined for your radio while the song’s creator may also be destined for bigger and better things.” – The Musical Outcast
Already favoured as one of BBC Introducing’s best acts of 2015, Southampton-based Cameron Davidson hopes to build on his success this year, showcasing a mesmerising alt-rock sound that is entirely his own invention on his latest single ‘Invented’.

The singer-songwriter formerly fronted Southampton five-piece 6 Minutes to Sunrise and has previously shared the stage with the likes of Lonely the Brave, Natives, Man Made, Funeral for a Friend and Nothing but Thieves.
Watch the lyric video for ‘Invented’ here:
Now focused on a solo career, the artist handles all elements of his music, writing, playing and recording all instruments himself.

Alongside ‘Invented’ Cameron has also recently released energetic rock number ‘Open Your Eyes’, as well as soaring single ‘Sundowns and Hurricanes’ – both of which you can hear below.
Watch the video for ‘Open your Eyes’ here: 

Watch live session version of ‘Sundown and Hurricanes’: 
Cameron has had a life-long passion in music, working as an assistant in a recording studio when he was younger. He is also the son of comedian Jim Davidson showing that being a performer is in his blood.
Artists that he been compared to include Kings of Leon, James Bay, One Republic and Snow Patrol.

The Curious Incident



Impact Date: 2nd Sept   Label: Cat String Records.

But who are The Curious Incident?


Well they are a cool duo who have come from all over the globe, making music that is accessible, fun, light-hearted and very tongue-in-cheek.


Kairo and Diaz, met at school in The Netherlands before Kairo moved back to South Africa. Years later, with Diaz attracted to the sun and sea (and World Cup) in South Africa, the two paired up to start a life as penniless musicians and then moved to the UK to raise The Curious Incident together.


Their sound wavers from cheeky indie to pop infused indie rock with a Caribbean twist but the one consistent theme is that this two-piece will turn your frown upside down! Whilst in the studio mixing their new material, the guys decided to add a little pre-release boost, by offering you a visual treat from their current EP Penny Lonesome with this great video – entitled ‘Money’ - an exploration into the highs of lows of having the green stuff.


This video reflects The Curious Incident – with its feel good factor that reflects the fun and wit of the band!


With BBC Introducing London and features plays on XFM, Absolute Radio etc along with a glut of premieres and features on TimeOut ("Local Heroes"), Baeble ("arena-ready, world music, pop-rock with legitimate lyrical depth"), Gigslutz, Vinyl District, Popmatters, It's All Indie, Popwrapped, all picking up on their well produced music & videos, it is rude not to introduce you guys to "Money" - just another one of their visual treats.


Connect with The Curious Incident:
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/thecuriousincident 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thecuriousincident 
Twitter: https://twitter.com/curiousincident


For further info: Contact:

Judd Judd@landerpr.com

Emily:  tvradio@landeropr.com

Ben Online:  Online.Radio@Landerpr.com


New hypnotic track ‘Element’ and upcoming album from alternative pop trio The Hallows
UK alternative pop trio The Hallows gear up for the release of their debut album with this brand new hypnotic single ‘Element’.
As the group explains: ‘element was one of the first songs recorded and it helped to set the overall tone of the album. It was written as a positive and uplifting song about looking up to someone you love and the profound influence they can have on your life’.
Watch the video for Element here:
Listen to the track on Soundcloud here:
Championing their own very unique sound, The Hallows are an enchanting concoction of Kate Bush, Muse, Portishead and Tori Amos with their own individual dreamy essence thrown in.
The group’s eclectic sound is a result of the band members’ individual musical meanderings. Sarah has played as a backing vocalist/keyboard/Glockenspiel for Hafdís Huld supporting the likes of Paolo Nutini, Mika and Bloc Party at festivals as large as Glastonbury and SXSW. Joe meanwhile has supported notorious cult pornographic band Rock Bitch (a band renowned for rarely sporting support acts). He and Sarah have also shared the stage with Ronan Keating playing a number of television performances.
Meeting at university, the band shared a house together, in which third band member Dave subjected the group to strict drinking game rules, whilst also ensuring they all ate proper meals (now holding the unofficial title of ‘band chef’).
Sarah has played the role of Snow White whilst working at Disneyland – several elements of this fantasy world clearly making their way into the mystical sound of ‘Element’. As a child, Sarah also lived by a zoo and was kept often awake by roaring lions (the lions would often set the wolves off too, which sounds absolutely terrifying!)
Since forming, the group have been hands on with all aspects of their music including coming up with video concepts, artwork, set design, production and blogging.
Their upcoming album Of Time and Tides is out August 29th and the single ‘Element’ is out July 4th
The group explain: ‘The album is about life, relationships and how things can change over time. The album was written in the spirit of a bygone era because we wanted to encapsulate elements within all our lives that have influenced us both musically and personally. Sarah draws inspiration for the lyrics from the elements because they represent the never ending cycle of life and time in which we exist for a moment. We have combined these influences to create an album that displays our love for atmospheric instrumentation, lush melodies and, hopefully, pop songs you will want to sing along to.’

Elegantly Wasted have toured Europe 5 times, including large festival dates in Switzerland and Germany and the US twice. They are regular performers at the best rock clubs in Los Angeles. Both their debut album “Greetings from a Strange Place” in 2003 and its follow-up “Desolation Row”
in 2007 have produced songs that generated radio airplay both in the US and Europe and the anticipation in both markets for “The Dog Years” will certainly see the momentum build.

Elegantly Wasted are now promoting their music to the UK with a new recording of "Love is a Killer"
Press kit full biog and video 

Artist: Jeff Finlin

Title: Life After Death – The Essential Jeff Finlin

Release Date: September 9th

Label: Man In The Moon Records


“Finlin writes with a minimalist grit of Sam Shepard and Raymond Carver. Tune in for an elusive magic.”- The Chicago Sun Times 

“Some folks come to Nashville, amble over to music row and look for a cookie cutter solution. Hand Jeff Finlin a cookie cutter, and he’s liable to melt it down and then forge it into something sharper and more dangerous.”- Peter Cooper, The Tennessean

Video for album track ‘I Killed Myself Last Night: https://youtu.be/SdP1hWDTAJ0


Rising from the ashes of the self- a voice appears. Though the voice has been there all along it’s been muffled by the sound of a train that carries the load of youth, ambition, want and a lust for more.  Once that train stops rolling it reveals its musings. This voice ruminates in the work of Jeff Finlin.

Jeff Finlin’s work is funny, insightful, playfully sardonic, and capable of exhuming archetypal musings from its listeners. It documents a vivacious spiritual path in poetry and song.  In this respect, Finlin’s work represents a kind of modern day American Rumi-ism. 

New album ‘Life After Death’ is somewhat of a ‘best of’ or ‘an introduction to’, featuring 20 key tracks for those who have not crossed paths with this maverick and prolific songwriter. Spanning his back catalogue, this collection seeks to show the depth and diversity of Finlin’s composition, creating a full picture of him in 2016.

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, the grandson of Irish railroad workers (who seemed to be in the habit of leaping from trains), music, writing and travel became fascination for Finlin. He began with a wanderlust, traveling America using every form of transportation, with the exception of tuk tuk  (still on the bucket list). Having played in bands in Boston, Ohio and L.A, he finally wound up in Nashville with long-time mate and Academy Award nominee Gwil Owen to form the rock band The Thieves.  They released the acclaimed ‘Seduced By Money’, produced by Marshall Crenshaw on Capitol Records. Venturing out on his own he went on to produce the self-released ‘Lonely Light’ before going on to produce the Little Dog/ Mercury release, ‘Highway Diaries’.

Never one for the convention of Nashville, he moved to the far west of America and set up shop. For the last 12 years he has been delivering writing and music of depth and candor that has consistently made its appearance around the world.  His song “Sugar Blue” found its way into Cameron Crowe’s feature film “Elizabethtown” alongside the likes of Tom Petty, Elton John, Lyndsey Buckingham and My Morning Jacket.  This new compilation of his work from brand new West London based label Man In The Moon Records represents a distinctive core of his music and poetic thought.

Sober since 1997, Finlin took up the practice of yoga to enhance and promote his spiritual life.  His resulting work documents a spiritual path of experience that became the main focus and structure of his art and life. He recently began work on a foundation called Recover.Yoga with the hopes of giving back the practice of yoga to people in all forms of recovery. Jeff has also just released a new book of poetry which will probably blow a few minds alongside his prosaic music, it’s entitled ‘The Seduction Of Radha’.

Jeff Finlin has always carved out his own path. Tune into “Life after Death”—you’ll hear an elusive magic.

Life After Death – The Essential Jeff Finlin is released on September 9th on Man In The Moon Records.


The Spins are : 


Alessia is arguably Europe’s best known female drummer having done session work for Jeff Beck and particularly noted for her drumming on Jeff Beck's Grammy Award winning track 'HAMMERHEAD' featured on the album 'Emotion and Commotion'. 

Other key elements of Alessia's career: opening act with italian pop band B-Nario of Michael Jackson's gig at S.Siro stadium in Milano (June 1997), touring member with italian popstars Eros Ramazzotti, Massimo Ranieri, Dario Baldan Bembo, headliner at Lyon Bag' Show (2004) Montluçon international drumming festival (2005) and Torino drumming festival (2006). 


Amy Danielle is a singer/songwriter from Manchester, England. 

In her on words “I started singing when I was in Year 4 at Kingsway Primary School. I had decided I wanted to go on Britain's Got Talent, to which my Mum told me I should find a talent first (thanks Mum). I already knew what I was going to do, but I ran upstairs, rehearsed the song once more, she came upstairs and I sang. Since then, I haven't stopped. (Literally) I originally went to Flixton Girls High School, but realised in Year 8, it wasn't for me. So I moved to Altrincham College of Arts (ACA). The time I spent there was precious, and although I wouldn't go back, and hated it while I was there, and spent most of my time skipping PE, annoying teachers and ending up with a lunch detention, it taught me a lot about life.I now spend my life pretending to be other people, whilst attempting to look like a ballerina and quoting show tunes 24/7. In other words, I'm a musical theatre student at Pendleton College. Which is fab! Away from college, I write songs on my ukulele and sing them at people. It's fun.” 


Mai is mostly known for her work with Estonian pop sensation KERLI, Swedish singer-songwriter Linnea Henriksson and her own jazz-fusion group MaiGroup that she formed in 2010 from the most remarkable Swedish young musicians. MaiGroup has released two albums: “Luv” (2013) and “You” (2015) consisting of original compositions written, arranged and produced by Mai herself. Her latest album “You” features highly renowned guest artists like Greg Leisz on pedal steel guitar, Håkan Broström on soprano sax and Wille Alin on drums. 

Mai has toured/recorded/shared the stage with Doug Seegers, Carola, Greg Leisz, David Crosby, Philip Hamilton (Mike Stern “Voices”, Pat Metheny Group). 

Keyboardist and band's main composer, Marcello wrote his first hit in 1996 (I Wish You, Proprio Records) for italian dance pop band LIES IN A BOX. In 2011 Marcello wrote a set of rock variations on the first 8 bars of "I DUE FOSCARI" by Giuseppe Verdi, arguably the most influent italian opera composer during Risorgimento, then performed live with Alessia, guitarist Mario Pignatelli, bassist Roberto Cassetta and flute player Marco Giaccaria during the opening day of the official celebrations to commemorate 150 years of italian political unity. 

Married with Alessia since 2009. 


After having begun studying trumpet at the age of 6,  Ludovic shifts to the guitar influenced by Toto and Queen. 

Arranger and touring guitarist for Dave and Didier Barbelivien, Akram, Patrice Carmona, Lusitana, Marteen. Guitarist in Gregg Bissonette Mapex Tour and Stratocaster VG Tour. 


Taking his musical cues from the Northern indie icons of his childhood, Yorkshire singer-songwriter James George has released his debut single Make You Mine. The track is a storming two minutes of classic indie rock n’roll showcasing brooding guitars, infectious melodies & shimmering synths.
Coming from a musical family & falling in love with rock n’ roll as a boy, George was always destined to become a songwriter. Despite Make You Mine sounding like the efforts of a tight-knit gang of hungry young upstarts, the music is all created by George himself. This ability to lay down classic rock solos, thumping drums & catchy vocals himself means that although he shares DNA with indie-dancefloor staples Arctic Monkeys & Kasabian, he’s closer to the auteur approach of musical mavericks like Jack White & Beck. Taking a similar control of production duties, George is as focused as they come. The result is a short & darkly sweet blast of garage rock perfect for radio playlists & sweaty gig singalongs. With new fans discovering his music on social media every day, and Make You Mine already picking up over 10,000 streams online, the future looks very bright for this new British artist.
James George will be playing shows in support of the single. For more info, head tohttp://www.jamesgeorgemusic.com

Those Unfortunates are a London four-piece who write songs aiming for the wit and warmth of The Kinks, Television Personalities and Syd Barrett. Letter Writing Man is their third single proper, and their first for Stereogram Recordings.

Those Unfortunates wear herringbone coats and oxblood shoes without ever really managing to look rakish.They are self-deprecating, for the most part, and self-contained. They sound harder than they sound.

Those Unfortunates could have been renaissance men, but they never had the French. For the purposes of this biography, however, they have rather narrow tastes, and enjoy the authors Alexander Baron, Patrick Hamilton and Colin MacInnes.

Both of the band’s previous singles have received repeat plays from BBC 6 Music DJs including Steve Lamacq, Gideon Coe and Tom Robinson, who described them as ‘daft and irresistible... [with] the lightness of touch and complete assurance found among all genuine Great British Eccentrics.” They have also performed a live session on Resonance FM
In 2015, they played the final gig at the (squatted) 12 Bar Club on Denmark St, before the police moved in. They’ve also hosted Unlondon, a free festival of music, art and literature inspired lost, unloved and forgotten London.  In January 2016, they also put on Those Unfortunates’ Own Double Entry, an esoteric celebration of optimism and positive action which featured their friends, Firestations, along with socialist magic.

On 27 August, they return the Aaahhwoo festival just outside Berlin, which they have headlined for the past three years. A follow-up single is planned for September 2016, with an album to follow shortly after.

Velvet Kills is an electropunk/rock duo with Susana Santos on vocals/bass & Harris Iveson on guitar/synths.

Velvet Kills is a thoroughly modern and urban endeavour, speaking directly to today’s society - with all its anxieties, addictions, destructiveness as well as  exhilaration.  You'll find in their driving beats raw emotion, and a terrific darkness. The sound is complex, almost abstract - a combination of cinematic textures, gritty guitars, and potent vocals.

The group's music and attitude, both have  been shaped by the influences of bands and artists like Joy Division, Alan Vega, Malaria!, Kas Product, Iggy Pop, The Clash, and Lou Reed. The group came to life in 2015, beginning with a chance encounter on a trance dance floor where Susana and Harris discovered their mutual love for rock, synths and beige Steinberger guitars.

Velvet Kills has since gained a steady following, leading to their debut EP, Memory released in March 2016. 

Video Single  - Rain (EP Memory) 


Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/velvet-kills
Youtube      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mOqbxMJGv4 
Facebook    https://www.facebook.com/velvetkills/
GooglePlay https://play.google.com/store/music/album/Velvet_Kills_Memory?id=Bj2flokxwb74etrcgmxwrkatohm&hl=en 
Memory EP available on iTunes         https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/memory-ep/id1112052495

Hattie Briggs's second album was released on 8th July.  It's been quite a year for the 23 year old singer/ songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, resulting in a 30+ date headline UK tour, key festival performances, European and US/Canadian dates, plus amazing reviews.
Hattie was picked up by BBC Introducing in 2014 and became a BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Award nominee the same year.  She quit Oxford University during the 2nd year of a Russian degree to start her musical career in January 2014. Since then, her music has been played on TV on BBC 2, BBC Radios 1, 2 and 6Music as well as many regional BBC and independent radio stations.
She released her debut album 'Red & Gold' in 2015 which also received stunning reviews, including Q magazine, The Independent and  Maverick. The album reached No. 1 on the Amazon Digital Folk Chart and No 20 in the iTunes Singer/Songwriter Chart shortly after its release. Two songs from the album also made the final of the  UK National Songwriting Competition.
'Red & Gold' won the Laurel Canyon Music Best Debut Album Award for 2015, and Hattie won their Best New Artist award alongside it. In 2015, she performed over 100 shows, including key festival slots at Cheltenham and Cambridge Folk Festivals, plus numerous European dates.
Her new album, “Young Runaway”, showcases the more uptempo feel of her songwriting. The album has a wide range of instruments - alongside Hattie’s piano, guitar, violin and signature cellos, are catchy banjo, ukulele and lead guitar parts, along with the addition of some virtuoso pedal steel playing courtesy of Matt Park (The Feeling).  These are great additions to Hattie’s stunning vocals.
Key live 2016 performances already include sell out performances at The Stables, Wavendon, St. Pancras Old Church, London and the Subscription Rooms in Stroud - her official launch where she played as a 7 piece band, and the South Bank Centre, London. Her showcase 30 gig national tour, includes Green Note and several other London venues, a club stage showcase at Cambridge Folk Festival, Cornbury Festival, Secret Garden Party and the Maltings, Farnham, with a week in the middle in the Netherlands - her second visit there.
Inspired by the likes of Joni Mitchell, Eva Cassidy and James Taylor, Hattie recorded her second album at Monnow Valley Studios, produced by Peter Waterman (Jack Savoretti/Uriah Heep/Emma Ballantine).
2015 gigs/festivals included:
Cheltenham Jazz Festival, Cambridge Folk Festival
London Folk Festival, Gloucester Guildhall (with Stornoway)

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