Saturday, 17 October 2015

The One when JC met AudioTrick 17/10/15

Good to meet up with AudioTrick AKA Simon & Neil on this weeks show ! 
Always good to talk up and discover new music ! 

Simon Bell -FB

Playlist -

Temporary Hero -The low point  of disco 
Tokyo Tabbo -Drowning
Nigel Thomas -Fever 
Gillian Glover -Fitful Night 
New Project -I am a fall 
More reason -song for Maya 
Rob Bravery-Broom Cupboard 
The Rob Murphy Trio -Absent Minded 
Tourists -All we do is pretend 
Token Joker -Green 
Black Smoke Symphony-Coming Home  
The Quincies -sonic Youth 

Jc's Big sound of the week 
Fergus Tanner -A place to call our own 
Katy Lied -Black   
Real Experts -Pure attention Seeker 
Bob Dee with Petro -Lips that heal 
Grice -The magic of changing colours 
South Bound 69 -Why do I breath 
Sound of the Sirens -Still Live 
Tiny Folds -Arcadia 
Gone by Tomorrow -Homecoming 
Michael Gordon-No money , no Honey cheep Charlie  
Raphael Ghetti -Billionaire Boys Club 
Reigning Days-Friendly Fire  
Whitterquick -Soldiers
Pacific -Run away boy 
Official Burnt Toast -Money is debt 

Audio Trick -
The Stones 
Who cares 
Lovely Day 

Featured EP 
Chris Linton 
This isn't love 
Wild card 

Featured Artist -Losing Victory 
Free Fallin 
Perfect Lie 


Katy Lied
Black’ release date is on the 26th October.

Debut Single ‘Black’ is a huge, dramatic, sweeping number, complete with massive hooks and a powerful fearless vocal performance from Katy Lied, immersed in striking production.

“We are displaying a false misconception.” From the very first chorus from this debut the tone is set.

Her lyrical content dissects the fine line between love and hate, gut-wrenching longing, and true despair and combines them with crunchy guitars, ethereal orchestral accents, and of course, her alluring piano tones. 

Bob Dee Lips That Heal.

Music video for track.

Nigel Thomas’s stellar track is set for release on 9th November


Nigel Thomas has already achieved fame fronting the cult indie pop band ‘The Foxes.’ With this stellar group, Nigel supported the likes of The Troggs, Eddie and the Hot Rods, Amy McDonald, The Zombies, Newton Falkner and The Animals. The Foxes did countless tours of the UK and beyond with household names and created unforgettable experiences.

Now it’s time for Nigel to carve his own path and he has done that expertly with his new single ‘Fever’. The track explores the theme of madness and depravity and is both intoxicating in its execution and enthralling in its delivery. The accompanying video can be viewed here, discretion is advised...

Nigel was inspired to write the song from a personal experience in which he collapsed in the kitchen due to severe illness. Realising there was no one there to help him; Nigel felt empathy for those who experience both illness and mental illness without any support networks.
Drawing from influences ranging from Blur, The Kinks, Elliott Smith and Paul McCartney, Nigel Thomas creates his own distinct brand of indie rock by way of classic guitar music. He is also inspired by seminal literature such as William Burrough's 'A Naked Lunch', Palahniuk's 'Haunted', and 'American Psycho' by Ellis.

Keeping the theme of fame prevalent, Nigel worked on The Foxes acclaimed debut album with renowned producer John Cornfield who produced acclaimed albums from The Sugarbabes, Supergrass and The Maccabees.  This time round Nigel self-produced his latest offering with Mike’s son Luke Oldfield at Tilehouse Studios.

‘Fever’ is scheduled for release on November 9th followed by a UK mini tour and several shows in Germany.

Tour Dates

9th November - Fever Launch Party, London.
18th November - Glasgow.
19th November - Edinburgh.
20th November - Aberdeen @ Drummonds w/Dante.
27th November - Hamburg, Germany.
28th November - Leipzig, Germany.

The Lowpoint of Disco – In Temporary Hero’s own words…

This track was written and produced on 15 May 2012. Any fan of the legend Donna Summer will recognize that as TWO days before she died. No one outside of Donna’s private circle knew she was ill. And I certainly did not know. And then she died. Suddenly. The timing of my writing the track was uncanny.

This song is probably the most autobiographical of any song I have written. In fact it IS a direct account of the freedom I gained personally through music, specifically dance music. I was ridiculed and basically embarrassed to like “that kind of music” so much so that I hid all my records, including THRILLER (which I purchased the day it was released) from my friends and roommates and even my family. It wasn’t until I was “freed on the dance floor,” introduced to the club culture by a more experienced friend, that I was finally comfortable in my own skin, both musically and personally. This song details the transformation and eventual empowerment that dance music afforded me.

And look at the world now… even the cool kids love dance music. Thank you Donna, and Michael, and all the artists who transformed my life through songs.

Youtube video:

Retail date: 15 August 2015 (links not available at present)

From the album Sunset People:


London synthpop addicts Real Experts to launch new LP 'The Trade Off'

"Definitely what Real Experts has here is catchy, charming and endearing. Dramatic fresh retro-rooted future-synth music. I cant help but refer mind-wise to Sophie Ellis Bextors Murder on the Dancefloor, a little Hot Chip, and the tunes from Pet Shop Boys epic album Behaviour, but with strong powerful vocals flavoured with dashes of Human League, Dead or Alive and Erasure" - The Record Stache

Hot Chip, Chromeo, Hurts, Friendly Fires, Fenech-Soler, Human League
LEAD TRACKS: Disco Tears, My Love is Nothing More Than This, Lemon is Lemon, Skytoucher, Don't Stay, Pure Attention Seeker

Real Experts is a London-based synthpop electronic project, headed by Andrew Maley. Their second LP 'The Trade Off', to be released on October 16, is loaded with catchy lyrics and infectious choruses. In following with a tradition this project has become known for, a beautiful rotating door of guest vocalists feature on this album. The first single is 'Disco Tears' featuring Daniel Angelus, the lead singer of Surrender Hearts, who has recently shared the stage with T'Pau, Katrina and The Waves, and Musical Youth. Angelus alsofeatures on three other tracks.

"Music for me is about sharing emotions through sound. Silence is a canvas which we paint on," explains Angelus.

Other equally stunning tracks bring diversity offered by other talents. 'My Love Is Nothing More Than This' features 18-year-old Eden, who brings in some very London Grammar / Rihanna / Robyn / Adele / Lamb deep tones and stylings.

Mike Burnett features on 'She Hurts' and Vivian Marie features on'Forever is a Big Word' - both artists are now based overseas, in Australia and Germany respectively. Real Experts' member Victoria Knowles' vocals lace through 'Sugar Rush' and 'Lemon is Lemon', which also features renowned British sports journalist Patrick Barclay and is being offered as a bonus to 'The Trade Off' LP via Bandcamp.

French/American singer Mimisinga (aka Mimi Corenthin) joins Daniel Angelus on 'Space Age Love Song', offering up sonic sounds reminiscent of Macy Gray and Tracy Chapman. When not dabbling in such synthpop, she shows her versatility as a vocalist by performing with the reggae band Dojo.

"It is all about capturing the moment. Hearing something and it making a difference. Having something that matters to you. Happy or sad. Every Real Experts song is designed to be a moment of 'perfect pop," explains Andrew Maley. "Music is about being in random situations in life, and within a few seconds, a bar or a beat or a note can change you forever."

On October 23rd, Real Experts play their most prestigious live show to date, performing at the Hot Chip Official Aftershow Party / Hot Chip DJ Set, at Brixton JAMM, London. Tickets are £10 and the party lasts from 7pm to 4am.

Real Experts are: 
Andrew Maley - Keyboards / Vocals
Victoria Knowles - Vocals
John Humber - Lead Guitar
Will Rutley - Bass Guitar
Paul Harris - Percussion

1.  Disco Tears (feat. Daniel Angelus)
2. My Love Is Nothing More Than This (feat. Eden)
3. Sugar Rush***
4. Pure Attention Seeker*
5. She Hurts (feat. Mike Burnett)
6. Don't Stay (feat. Daniel Angelus)
7. Swoon*
8. Space Age Love Song (feat. Daniel Angelus & Mimisinga)
9. 3:1 Ratio*
10. Forever Is A Big Word (feat. Vivian Marie)
11. Beograd (feat. Daniel Angelus)
12. Skytoucher*
13. Lemon is Lemon (feat. Patrick Barclay)**

*   vocals Andrew Maley
**  vocals Victoria Knowles
*** vocals Andrew Maley and Victoria Knowles

LP Teaser Video
Video 'My Love is Nothing More Than This (feat. Eden)'
Video 'Disco Tears (feat. Daniel Angelus)'
Video 'Lemon is Lemon (feat. Patrick Barclay)'
Video 'She Hurts (feat. Mike Burnett)'

Press package (MP3)
(WAV available upon request)
Individual cover artwork for each track on this LP



"A demented symphony, part SigurRós, part Ben Howard. Yet, on top of this sorcery is a surprisingly fey voice and Bravery’s lyrics complete the picture… A one-off, but he’s never inaccessible” ✭✭✭✭ - Q Magazine
“Esque is a brooding masterpiece of synths, piano and hip-hop beats” – Attitude 
Bristolian singer/songwriter Rob Bravery has unveiled his stunning new single ‘Broom Cupboard’, due for release on November 20th. The single is the latest to be taken from his upcoming debut album Esque, a masterful piece of work due for release on November 20th through Fullfill Records.
The pulsating beats of ‘Broom Cupboard’ are matched with uplifting strings and synths providing the perfect juxtaposition of Rob Bravery’s captivating ingenuity and his darkened songwriting.
‘Broom Cupboard’ is the latest single to been taken from Esque, a record that is receiving rave reviews. R2 have claimed, “The songwriter genre is awash with talent but Rob Bravery is a genuinely intriguing new voice and writer”, while 6Music and Radio 2 have championed previous album singles alongside Q who hailed ‘Me, Myself and the Scurvy Knave’ as, “A quirky, meticulously patterned soul-pop comforter for a king”, and ‘Knock Out Ginger’, as “Soul-folk magpie Rob Bravery is not afraid of cross-pollinating seemingly disparate styles.”
Recorded at Squat Studios, Esque is a wholesomely crafted record that explores haunting alt-folk intertwined with trippy electronics. The striking album captures powerful observations from a first-hand perspective of broken families, homelessness and life-threating drug abuse; a chilling listening experience that tugs at the heartstrings and imaginations.

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