Saturday, 10 October 2015

The one when JC met The Quincies & Radiosaurus 10/10/15

Tonight we had an show full of Exclusive First plays ....Radiosaurus dropped their enter New EP live on the show first anywhere . We talked to The Quincies and you heard the new song from Black Smoke Symphony


The Quincies -FB

Playlist -

Exclusive First Play -
Black Smoke Symphony-Coming Home  
Tourists -All we do is pretend ( Robi Roka Remix 
The Scribes -A Wake 
Someday 1 -Letting go 
Land of the Giants -Bangkok
Raphael Ghetti -Billionaire Boys Club 
Sonia Leigh-When we are alone 
The Iscatles -The Hills 
Mike Morton Music -Hit & Run  
Witterquick -Soldiers 
Lena Smith Band -Blink of an eye 
DJ MA -Free 
Devon Bird -Star People 
U.K. iD -B There 

Jc's Big Sound Of the week -
Reigning Days -Friendly Fire

Super Slick Artists -Stronger Together( Oxjam charity record ) 
Pacific -Those Nights 
Sian Hoskin -Nashville Girl 
Freddy James  Band  -She Don't like Rock N Roll 
The Rob Murphy Trio -Soul Mate 
Michael Gordon -No Money , No Honey , cheep Charlie 
Tom Baker -Secret Dancer 
Armstrong-Bend , Buckle , Break 

Album of the week -
Esteese -Ange Hardy 
The foster mother's Tale 
My Captain 

The Quincies 
Lost in a lifetime 
Hold Steady 
Sonic Youth 
Rebel without a cause

We're God every one 
A shark among wolves 
This poisonous town 

Info -
 Charity Single -Strong Together - 
It's been written and performed by a collection of local artists to support Oxjam Music Festival events all over the county. It will be available on general release from 1st November, but you can read more about it here: 

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