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The one when JC met Sadie Horler & Talked Oxjam with Ian Whitmore 13/10/15

Ace session by Sadie Horler  on tonight's show . Also good to talk Oxjam with Ian Whitmore ...

Playlist -

Michael Gordon -No Money , No honey , Cheap Charlie 
Gone By Tomorrow -Homecoming
Spiritwo -Mesumamim 
Pacific -Run away Boy 
Official Burn Toast -Money as debt 
B-Star -Sloppy Seconds ft Propane
The Hummingbirds -Out of the rain 
The Freddy James Band -She don't like Rock n Roll 
Kissing Party - Right out of real life 
Issimo -Coldest Queen 
Color Out -Kay 
Ticking Tree -Memories of a fisherman 
Those made Broken -Long Range 
Duchess -Modem Times 
Crooked Weather -Red lead Rose
The Volunteers-Drowning In Defeat 
Sadie Horler -2 for joy  
Super Slick Artists -Stronger Together( Oxjam charity record ) 
The Rob Murphy Trio -Soul Mate 
We're God every one 

Info -

Those Made Broken is a four-piece Alternative Rock/Metal band from Glasgow, Scotland, comprising drummer Alistair McMenemy, bassist Andy McFarlane, guitarist Scott Wood and vocalist Murray. ‘Dead History’, the bands’ debut album, is the culmination of years of hard work and dedication; its members plying their trade to ensure that melody, harmony & quality arrangements were, above all, the backbone of the bands’ sound. The progression from that grounding in song-craft is epitomised in ‘Dead History'; a dark & brooding record taking its influence from a range of places and dealing with issues many bands wouldn’t touch. Hard-hitting, percussive drum patterns & grooving bass lines sit alongside snarling riffs, sparkling clean lines & soaring leads, topped off with powerful yet melodic vocals delivering intelligent, thought-provoking lyrics – this is a band with a lot to say and no fear of saying it. The result paints a dynamic & varied picture for the listener; cinematic darkness, haunting rhythms & subtle melody tempered with searing riffage & layers of rich, powerful harmonies. In short, ‘Dead History’ balances aggression and a need to understand the bleakness of the world with songs of sentiment & grace.


Spiritwo on their new double A-side single ‘Mesumamim / Face To Face’ out 13th November.

If you’re not already familiar- Spiritwo is centered around Yael Claire Shahmoon or as TimeOut described her ‘The Queen of Tel Aviv Underground’.

I’m looking for plays for ‘Mesumamim’. ‘Mesumamim’ means “On Drugs” in Hebrew and the track creates a mysterious metaphor using "drugs" metaphorically as Yael Claire Shahmoon states it “describes people who live like zombies in the big city -  just numb...from struggling the daily grind, closed up in their own shell of survival and self neglect...workaholics who never have time for themselves,  people who forgot who they are in order to fit in, youngsters that are afraid of their lives floating in the haze of endless clubs, people binge drinking...you see all sorts of zombies in London...”



With a mesmerizing and mind blowing stage presence Spiritwo have already supported Martin Rev (‘Suicide’), UK Decay and Punishment of Luxury as well as Savages, Knifeworld and Naive New Beaters. At their November single launch, the band will once again be joined by cult band Cardiacs drummer Bob Leith.

Issimo, and their new single The Coldest Queen. After the success of their music video launch at Bradford Big Screen City Park, the single is due for release on the 9th October.

Having already secured a strong fan base, who helped to raise the £3,000 needed to film their music video, Issimo are a band you can't help feeling excited about.


You can see the music video for The Coldest Queen here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oA3xq7T_PGw


Lead Tracks:
The Way Things Go
Control Your Blues
Blood On The Tracks

Based in East Yorkshire, England, Crooked Weather play earthy, unruly and original folk songs. The sound is lead by carefully crafted lyrics delivered by the haunting harmonies of Holly and Will.

The music on 'Long Garden' echoes the ethos of folk songsmiths before them with imagery of escape, adventure, companionship and inner searching but told from a different heart.
Crooked Weather come from the same fertile ground which gave the world David Crosbys immortal 'If I Could Only Remember My Name'. They are indie meets World music meets traditional British folk. Think a contemporary Incredible String Band with a 21st century mindset.
Sid Griffin, The Coal Porters/Bob Dylan Biographer

Social Links: 

Live Dates:
15/10/15 - Spiritual Caipirinha Bar, London, England
18/10/15 - Cult Café, Ipswitch, England
25/10/15 - John Peel Day (King William IV pub) Cottingham, England
20/03/2016 - Sawmill Café, Leigh, New Zealand

Lead Tracks

Stabs At Happiness
New Glue
I Live With The Mystery

Tired of Ty Segal? Bored with Beck? Wanna slit your wrists at the thought of another Jack White album...

From the Mile High City comes Kissing Party, your new favourite band whether you like it or not.


How much emotional weight can one impart in a two minute pop rock structure?
Such is the game Kissing Party plays, as sampled on their new album "Looking back it was romantic but at the time i was suffocating'.

At the forefront of the 'Slop Pop' movement, Kissing Party is the sound of debt, regret, heartbreak, hair dye & Pennsylvania. This is the band's second release on Denver's Hot Congress Records (Denver, USA) available on CD, Vinyl, Cassette and download. 

Kissing Party has nearly perfected what it was already doing best: making straight ahead, two-minute pop songs that stick to the mind like glue." 
The Onion A.V Club

"Kissing Party encourage even the wallflowers amongst us to take to the dance floor, or at least give us a reason to drink up." 
Three Imaginary Girls

"Pure among douchebags and fashion victims."
Jason Heller (NPR, Pitchfork)

John Hughes would have made Kissing Party richer than Lindsay Lohan's lawyer." 
Slug Magazine

"Surprsingly sincere, emotionally engaging and fun without a hint of irony."

OMFG its so ridiculously good! 
Derby News Network

Im all for new genre tags especially when they rhyme, fun! One ive been seeing bubble up of late is slop pop at the forefront of which are Denver band Kissing Party. 
Speak Into My Good Eye

"Without question, you will be hooked once you hear them."
Skope Magazine

"Kissing Party makes me want to dance and drink and dance some more."
My Backpages (Twist & Shout Records)

"Kissing Party offer pure pop pleasure in 2 minute increments."
Crappie Indie Music

"Ah, love at first play. Floats my boat like pain killers over a broken heart."

"An irresistible blast of no wave pop music."
Pennyblackmusic UK

"Se podría decir que Kissing Party es la antítesis de grupos como The Drums."

"Though the sound may not have changed dramatically, the songs are better in an undefinable way. They are well-crafted little powerhouses of pop music even the most cynical and jaded music fan can love. This album should reignite the national underground buzz the band deserved years ago." 
Reverb (Denver Post)

Official Burnt Toast are Adrian Lawrence, Patrick Luke and Abrar Hafiz. Based in East London the trio produce spoken word, hip hop and punk, described by Luke Hannam (Gramme / Emperors New Clothes) as "an infectious cocktail of American paranoia, Canadian objectivity and a very English obsession of introspection and the fly on the wall documentary with the warmth of an accessible sound.

Official Burnt Toast has been featured in UK broadsheet The Observer, where respected fashion photographer Perou is quoted as saying:
I always shoot to music except when were being filmed for TV shows and were not allowed. My fave band at the moment is Official Burnt Toast. Their music is between spoken word and rap. Its very funky, but with English sentiment.

Known for their electric live performances, The band cite Glastonbury where they played the Green Peace stage to a capacity crowd as, one of the best gigs weve done to date.
Their double A-side single 'Money As Debt'/'Hi Time' is taken from their debut Album Tubsn Tongue - Fu.

Social Links:
Website: sonskrif.com/obt
Twitter: @sonskrif & @BurntToastMusic
Facebook: facebook.com/officialburnttoast & facebook.com/sonskrifmediaSoundcloud:soundcloud.com/sonskrif
YouTube: youtube.com/sonskrifmedia

Lead Tracks: Time to Forget, Those Nights

The release of piano-led Alternative Indie/Rock band Pacific's EP 'What Are You Waiting For' follows the huge success of February 2015's single release Time to Forget. The song reaped Pacifics first BBC Radio 1 play on the Huw Stephens show, along with airplay on a further eighty UK radio stations. Reviewers were hugely enthusiastic; I think this is in another league... A wonderfully well-crafted song with a vocal that's nectar for the ears (Bauer Media News), praising it for its flavoursome sound and masterful craft (RingMaster Review) and exclaiming that its got that bit of magic, something undeniable, something brilliant. Never mind a band for the future Pacific are a band for right now (The Musical Outcast).
The band have previously received strong backing from BBC 6s Mark Radcliffe who praises the bands music as outstanding, along with BBC Stoke Introducings Rob Adcock, who has invited the band for live interviews and sessions. Additionally, NME have featured the bands past music videos, with Pacific also being included in Napsters 'New and Good' Playlist on multiple occasions. On Monday 31st August 2015, Pacific opened the Main Stage of Liverpool International Music Festival, playing alongside headliners Echo and the Bunnymen, Basement Jaxx and Labrinth.
HIghly anticipated follow up single Those Nights was released in June 2015. Again reviewers praised the track, affirming that the band manages to blend commercial appeal with musical integrity and quality in fine style (The Musical Outcast), stating that very rarely do you hear a track where every single component fits into place as well as Those Nights demonstrates (Radicals Rising).

The Cheshire based band is made up of brothers/songwriters Anthony Orzel (vocals/piano) and Daniel Orzel (bass/backing vocals), Dave Bithell (lead guitars/backing vocals) and Drew Burns (drums/percussion).
Upbeat, beautiful pop-rock with the most addictive vocals. Those Orzel brothers sound irresistible!
Polly James, Capital Radio 

Competent sounding Pop/Rock with a hint of Alt. in there. I must confess the very strength of the melodious Anthony Orzel (singer) I will be keeping an eye! 
Simon Li of Universal Music

Social Links:

Liverpool has a fantastic music heritage, there’s something special and undeniable about a band coming out of Liverpool and The Hummingbirds are no exception.  


With their feel good tunes and songs of love and heartbreak they are already selling out their live gigs, leaving their ever-increasing audiences screaming for more. They cite their influences as The Eagles, The Beatles, The Hollies and Johnny Cash, reaching a growing fan base of nearly 20,000 twitter followers and close to 7,000 Facebook fans.


Their new single, “Out of The Rain” is out on 6th November 2015 with the Album “Pieces of You” on 18th March 2016.  Downloadable wav link is below and mp3 is attached.  There will be a forthcoming tour (dates to follow) and will be performing at The Islington in London on Wednesday 14th October and  02 in Liverpool on 28thNovember.




Memories of A Fisherman is the thought provoking debut single from music collective, Ticking Tree.  The track is nostalgic, melodious and refreshingly optimistic.  Songwriter Adman was inspired to pen the track by why he describes as, "the fundamental inadequacy of words"; we may feel a very specific, almost tangible emotion, be it joy or pain, but can never completely convey that in words, just as a fisherman can never properly express to others the feeling they experience when they make their "catch of the day".  The song leaves us with the question, "Is impression to be deemed more accurate than reality?"

Ticking Tree is an abundantly talented collective, comprised of musicians with enviable CV's.  The group's guitarist has played with artists including One Direction, The Overtones and Jams Morrisons, and the bassist has played with the likes of Take That, Kwabs and Afrobeat Master Dele Sosimi.  The resulting sound is a polished yet fresh resonance with a sunny sense of hopefulness.   The group was named around the concept of a natural object, the collective themselves, who are ever developing and aspiring to reach their next branch of growth, always with a sense of anticipation , something incredible about to happen. 

Recorded and produced at The Power House, Metropolis, London, Memories of A Fisherman due for release  on the forthcoming "Butterfly Wings" EP on M:89 Records.

 M:89 Records 


The Freddy James Band who are based in London, England.   


Currently undergoing various recording sessions to bring you a new vibrant sound for the modern times of now, The Freddy James Band have been creating huge inroads on the UK music scene in the short time they have been together.
With support slots already performed with Paul Weller and Ocean Colour Scene guitarist Steve Craddock, and the release of their new single She Don’t Like Rock n Roll, it is expected you will be hearing a lot more from The Freddy James Band in the very near future.

Further information on The Freddy James Band including forthcoming gig dates can be found on their website www.facebook.com/freddyjamesband or you can follow them on Twitter at www.twitter.com/freddyjamesband

The Voluntears who are based in Durham, England.   


Formed in late 2013, The Voluntears have quickly set the UK indie scene alight through their live performances and infamous touring behaviour.
Having already supported the likes of The Rifles, Adam Ant and Scouting For Girls, The Voluntears have since gone on to receive wide spread radio play on a number of local stations in their region helping increase their fan base even further.  In addition to this, the band recently won a MUZU TV video competition resulting in over 58,000 views and will shortly be featured on the new TV program North East Calling.
Their new single Drowning In Defeat has been described as being a future classic, and you can find out more information on this as well as forthcoming gig dates by visiting their website www.facebook.com/TheVoluntears or you can follow them on Twitter at www.twitter.com/thevoluntears 

British metalcore mob Gone By Tomorrowhave revealed the second video from their upcoming EP 'Blank Future'. 'Homecoming' was released on Friday, and has received more than 6000 views already.


Bio " - have written below some very basic info - hope this will do for now .


Mike Gordon is a songwriter living in London .

You Tube link to his new song , " No money , no honey , cheap Charlie " : www.youtube.com/watch?v=alIkRzQZ-LM

Other songs can be heard on Mikes' website :  www.alchemymusicltd.com

All songs here are written with his partner Mike Lopez , ( music ) and Mike Gordon has done the lyrics ; that is , all except for the first  country  track - " I don't care " , where Mike Gordon has done both music and words , as with , " No money , no honey , cheap Charlie " .

The mid - up tempo tracks and ballads are sung , once again , by David " Goose " Gossett and the country tracks by Chloe Beazley , both American session singers from Nashville , USA . Recorded in " A Studio " , Nashville , by Gene Rabbai .


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