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The one when JC met Chantel McGregor & Sam Westaway 20/10/15

Thanks to my guests tonight . Chantel McGregor on the phone & Sam Westaway who played a live session and chatted about his new EP  live Love Life which is out today 

We salute you ! 

Vid of session 

Playlist -

Chantel McGregor-Take the power 
King No One -constellations 
Everywhere-Shades at night 
Kelvin -Punching Bag 
Warme -Council House Opera
Killatrix -Overcome 
The slow readers club -Plant the seed 
Miccoli -Tell me 
The Undivided-Incredible 
Marcus Reeves -Three little words 
Grace Robson -Bitten 
Calling All Astronauts-Empire 
Shannon Saunders -Back around 
The Hamiltions -Paranoid 
Lawrence Fox -Headlong 
Old house playground -21st Century Glory 
Jenny Hansen -River
Sophie Janes -The Frog 
A shoreline Dream -Time is a machine Gun 
Megan Dallas -Tattoo
Jasper Storey -Monday morning 

Info -

It’s been two years since Calling All Astronauts (featuring members of pop punk pioneers Caffeine, goth stalwarts The Marionettes and seminal UK rap-metalers US:UK) unleashed their debut album “Post Modern Conspiracy”. Those two years have seen these London based alternative electro rockers release seven singles, gain massive radio and blog support worldwide (including BBC 6Music and XFM), build a 400,000 strong Twitter following and open for the likes of Roger DaltreyEcho & The BunnymenPWEI and A Place To Bury Strangers.

Following a 20-month stint hard at work in their own recording studio, CAA are back, with a brand new single, “Empire” hitting all stores on November 27th.“Empire”, is the first single to be taken from their hotly anticipated second album “Anti-Social Network” (out in February 2016), and has been described as what you’d get if Johnny Cash had ever duetted with Jimmy Eat World! Intriguing right?

"Empire" hit the No.1 spot on the Hypem Twitter Music Chart on Friday 9th October. 

Shoreline Dream set to release 'Time is a Machine Gun' single

"A slice of post rock infused cinematic shoegaze with haunting vocals, addictive guitar lines, synth swells to die for & a swirling dark undertone that both scares & soothes all at once" - Primal Music Blog

"We love the flow, the soothing voice, the layering of instruments and vocals, and all that spaciousness some of the things we like most in stoner rock, dream pop, shoegaze and prog-tinted postrock" - Overblown Magazine

Public Service Broadcasting, British Sea Power, Engineers, Ride, Placebo, North Atlantic Oscillation, Echodrone

'Time is a Machine Gun' is the latest single from US based progressive shoegazers A Shoreline Dream and the start of what is an explosive album, slated for release in 2016. This follows the band's fourth full-length 'The Silent Sunrise, which met with critical acclaim. A Shoreline Dream is Ryan Policky (Vocals, Guitar, Keys, Samples) and Erik Jeffries (Guitar).

With inspiration coming from a phrase stuck in frontman Ryan Polickys head since childhood, the song focuses on the fact that time and life itself moves faster than we can ever fully grasp. Using space exploration as a backdrop to the layers of ambient dream tones, the message is that, all our lives, we are driven to explore, trying desperately to find a meaning to it all, much like the early space explorers of Apollo. Time is a Machine Gun represents A Shoreline Dream as they are in the fall of 2015...
A Shoreline Dream originates from Barnum, Colorado, which is perhaps best known in association with P.T. Barnum's circus empire. Their sound is best descibed as a progressive shoegaze, combining lush sampled textures, organic instrumentation, and vocals layered like a synth, similar in vein to bands such as Ride and Sigur Rós, while the production style is closer to early Dead Can Dance.

Over the past 8 years, A Shoreline Dream has churned out numerous releases under their own label (Latenight Weeknight Records), and have a working history with legends Ulrich Schnauss and Mark Kramer (Low / Joy Zipper / Galaxie 500). More recently, they landed distribution by one of the top UK indie labels (Rocket Girl Records) for a song written while visiting Ulrich Schnauss in Leytonstone, and have even remixed for progressive label gods K-Scope for a song by Engineers. A Shoreline Dream is also the last band to play live with shoegaze legends Chapterhouse in San Francisco on their 2010 reunion tour.
With a new album currently in progress, the band has decided to leak the album over the course of its production, by giving fans a preview into not only the current production vibe the band is undertaking, but also the timeline in which the albums tracks were written. Feeling that every song in itself represents specific worldly/personal events as well as the seasons in which they are written, A Shoreline Dream wants to take a different path that doesnt focus on marketing, selling & landing tons of PR from a full length album. The idea is to share on the fly, almost as if the listeners were observers of the album as it takes shape. Each song is a current event story, and A Shoreline Dream feels giving that story out as it happens makes the most sense.. at least this go around.

'Time is a Machine Gun' will be released on October 16, and is simultaneously premiering in Overblown Magazineand Primal Music Blog. On October 23, they mark the release of this new single at a gig with Denmark's The Foreign Resort and local rockers Altas at the Three Kings Tavern in Denver, Colorado. Showtime is 9pm.

On 'The Silent Sunrise'
"Fans of dream pop can do no wrong in looking for this album and investigating all of its delicate curves and beauty. Hardly silent, The Silent Sunrise is a glorious dawn"- PopMatters

"The tracks heavily reverbed guitar arpeggios and wall-of-sound production give The Heart Never Recovered a classic shoegaze sound somewhere between Cocteau Twins and My Bloody Valentine. Its begging for you to play it loud, please oblige" - Surviving The Golden Age

"This is a wild and beautiful thing, turn it up!" - The Big Takeover

Bandcamp http://ashorelinedream.bandcamp.com/track/time-is-a-machine-gun
Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/teamclermont/01-the-heart-never-recovered
Video 'The Heart Never Recovered'

Keep up with A Shoreline Dream
Website Facebook Bandcamp | Twitter | YouTube

ld House Playground is a three piece contemporary blues/alt-rock band with roots in the songwriting culture of traditional Greek folk music.  

The band consists of Tryfon Lazos on guitars and vocals, Andreas Venetantes on drums and percussion, and Jago Furnas on bass and backing vocals 


In 2009, Tryfon and Andreas together with Conor Loughran (ex bass player), moved from Athens to Manchester to experiment with new musical paths and forms of expression. 

Inspired by the likes of Tom Waits, Django Reinhardt, Nick Cave and Greek artists Psarantonis, and Marcos Vamvakaris together with analog sounds and street musicianship, Old House Playground started hanging out with producer/musician Chris Evans, with whom they would record their first album God Damn That Gold. A couple of months before the recordings took place, Conor left the band, with Tryfon and Andreas continuing as a duo. The album was released in June 2012 by the independent label Evening Economies/Fat Bob Records and accompanied by an extended UK tour. From working mens clubs and mainstream pubs to the Dalston hipster playground, the response was overwhelming. 


Off the back of the vibe, Sugar House production approached the band in 2013, offering to produce an EP, and develop the band. While recording with Sugar House, Factory Records' first signing Vini Reilly became a fan and a good friend of the band, seeking to co-write with Tryfon and Andreas. This collaboration brought Old House Playground and Vini Reillys Durutti Column together at the Chorlton Arts Festival in May 2014, curated by Dave Haslam where the band were hugely appreciated by their Manchester audience. Later that night Tryfon sang onstage with Vini for the Durutti Columns first Manchester performance for five years. 


September 2014 finds the band with a new Bass player. Jago Furnas moved from London to Manchester to join the band and his musicality has proved inspiring. Sugar Houses production has also been key in moving forward. Their latest EP, that was released on 22nd June 2015, is the result of this ongoing commitment, and strips down the bands sound. Melodies are more exposed, there is a fluency to the bands work, old boundaries have been broken, and new forms created. The new songs have been given airplay around the world and received excellent reviews around blogs and online music press.   


The bands new single 21st Century Glory is to be released on the 16th of November as digital download. The new song together with the b-side Love And Other Demons were only included on the vinyl version of their latest EP. 


Parallel to these sessions, Old House Playground have been working with Oscar winning music producer Clive Martin (David Byrne, The Last Emperor) composing the musical score for Barney Spenders documentary The Road to Sparta. The film depicts competitors running the 246 km race from Athens to Sparta, and Old House Playgrounds urgent Cretan rhythms and driving rebetiko provide an evocative soundtrack.The film is scheduled to premier at the beginning of 2016. 


"Listening to The Great Escape EP, thoughts wondered whether if Edgar Allan Poe was around today creating dark literary masterpieces, would he be listening to and most likely involving the music of UK based Old House Playground somewhere
The Ringmaster Review


"The Great Escape" EP comes across as a hybrid of Tindersticks, Nick Cave and Tito & Tarantula delivered with the sophistication of Chris Isaak, leaving behind a release that's nothing short of wonderful"
Real Gone Rocks 

Social Links:


Manchester is a city synonymous with guitar-driven indie with a rich musical heritage that is hard to ignore. It has arguably given us as many seminal bands as London, whilst also producing producing plenty that feel all too familiar in comparison to others; stale even. Something which makes The Slow Readers Club even more crucial to the city's musical landscape.
Forgoing the arrogant guitar-based swagger of so many of their contemporaries, The Slow Readers Club are making waves with their own brand of brooding electro-indie. It might not be the stereotypical sound of contemporary Manchester, but The Slow Readers Club are breathing new life in to tired lungs and are very much the band Manchester's clamouring for.
Forthcoming single 'Plant the Seed' is a pulsating slice of electro pop with an infectious vocal hook and has already drawn comparisons with Depeche Mode and The National. The bands last four singles have enjoyed airplay on BBC 6 Music and XFM and featured three times as XFMs shock of the new. The single 'Don't Mind' was featured on Steve Lamacqs roundtable on BBC 6 Music.
The Slow Readers Club have been getting rave reviews for their live shows, including a sold out show at Manchester Academy 3, Isle Of Wight Festival, Tramlines Festival and Ramsbottom Festival (including support slots with 'Catfish & The Bottlemen', 'The Struts', 'Reverend and the Makers' and 'The Sunshine Underground')
"The Slow Readers Club seem to be set to take up the mantle of Manchester's next big thing with their trademark 'dark, broody, indie electro' led by Aaron Starkie's impassioned delivery. Their atmospheric set living up to the billing of being Louder Than War's ones to watch"
"The Slow Readers Club are without doubt on the cusp of something spectacular and if you haven't immersed yourself in their indie electro sounds by now, then it's high time you paid attention"
Louise Dodgson - CityLife Extra
"We are extremely excited about these guys here at XFM and Forever In Your Debt is always playing on our big indie jukebox"
One of XFM's Top 5 Songs
Of The Week (1 December 2014)
Social Links:

A five piece revitalising British rock with single set to be unveiled on October 23rd

A Bradford based group with a love for British rock and roll, Warme are not only next in a long line of Brit bands, but also like to party like them too. Their energetic, fun-loving approach spawns music that follows in the footsteps of The Verve, Oasis, The Who, The Jam and countless others all the way back to the Beatles. It’s an eclectic mix of sounds, but all following one thread – great British talent through the ages.

This cocktail of guitars, drums and vocals has already seen the five-piece picking up fans both locally, nationally and internationally, with BBC Introducing among their admirers. And now, with a new album (and lead single) titled ‘Council House Opera’ on the way, the second half of 2015 is set to see yet another big step forward for the band.

For a taste of what to expect, check out the track below:

The songs on the album are inspired by the real life scenarios of a band who grew up on council estates in the North of England Themes of love, peace, fistfights, drinking, partying and hardships all make their way into the lyrics – a reflection of the toughness and joy that have come from their surroundings growing up.

And, having played great shows at European festivals in recent years, the band are no strangers to huge crowds. Having performed in front of tens of thousands on several occasions, Warme are not shy about the quality of their music. And it’s precisely this confidence which could propel them into the great ranks of British rock.


Delivered Records announces the release of the single 'The Fog' from UK singer/songwriter Sophie Janes on Friday October 30th.

'The Fog' is a haunting, driving single that has just been used in the opening sequence for SKY Sports Formula 1 coverage. The song embraces Sophie Janes's unique cinematic pop style and is the second national release and title track from her debut album due to hit stores later this year.


Sophie Janes pretty much educated herself. Literally. At the age of 9 she said goodbye to her school and never returned. From that moment on she was encouraged every day by her parents to explore what it truly meant to be herself. 

Sophie explored a wealth of creative forms and intellectual paths in her teens, but no matter what other subjects inspired her from time to time, she always came to settle in one place. Music. Singing it, writing it (on the piano), listening to it, watching it. Teaching herself to play from screens using chords that had names she'd never heard of. Each day became a study in recording artists both past and present. Dusty Springfield, Imogen Heap, Einaudi, Eva Cassidy, Lana del Rey, even epic scenes from films such as The Lord of the Rings, The Hunger Games and TV series such as Game of Thrones. These often haunting, emotional and passionate music-makers brought Sophie's inner composer and arranger to life.

With no formal training other than a few months spent at a music college in her late teens, during which she learnt some valuable tips about performing but where she also realised that a love of music could actually be damaged by a rigid timetable often built on theory, Sophie embarked on creating her own unique musical sound. She used all the skills she'd acquired on her educational journey - observation, inspiration, authenticity, freedom. She knew that anything was possible. 


Megan Dallas

EP  Tattoo

As a self-taught multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, 24 year-old Megan Dallas has quickly become an artist to watch. With a growing YouTube channel, she is quickly winning over internet audiences with her breath-taking vocals, soulful melodies and heart-felt lyrics. Megan draws passion and honesty into her music creating a beautifully simple and moving pop/R&B blend with her voice and graceful guitar-playing that leave you wanting more. 

Her debut EP, ‘Tattoo’, reached no. 30 in the iTunes R&B/Soul charts based on pre-orders alone, and was released on 1st October 2015. A successful launch party took place at the iconic Proud in Camden.

Her recent X Factor appearance gathered over 100,000 views online on its first day, and her career looks set to have a bright future.



Miccoli are a British/Italian, Adult Alternative/Indie Pop band from Birmingham, England. The group consists of siblings: twin brothers Adriano (Vocal and Guitar) Alex (Piano, Vocal, Guitar and Clarinet) and their sister Francesca (Vocal, Piano and Harmonica). They harmonise like no other, creating a mixture of haunting, melodic and eclectic sounds. 

 Video for 'Tell ME' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JnEwmShwOJY






Grace Rodson who is based in London, England.   


Having already had a diverse and eventful career leading up to this year including national TV exposure and performing at Glastonbury, Grace Rodson now returns with her new single and video Bitten.
The track has already received widespread exposure including a live performance of it on a SKY TV show, and has been described as being a sure fire hit on the club scene.
Details on how you can purchase Bitten along with more information on Grace Rodson can be found on her website www.gracerodson.com or you can follow her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/gracimusic

You can listen to Grace Rodson's new single, Bitten below:


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