Saturday, 26 November 2016

The one when JC met Double Denim & Jax 26/11/16

Great to meet all of tonight's guests Double Denim & Jax 

Inc @rivierfm #jccooperlive show tonight 

@MalthusianTrap @StarStylesMusic @SidekickSounds  




Since #jccooperlive had the world exclusive of the new 

@SharonLazibyrd track "What time is later " it's got massive airplay inc BBC radio 6 music -amazing ! 

 @doubledenimtwit in the @rivierafm studios . Great to have you on #jccooperlive show tonight ! 

@Jaxmuzik dropped by #jccooperlive @rivierafm show tonight 

@Secondstoburn featured Artist . First play anywhere from this new band from the ashes of the Humanitaians. 2 tracks back to back from what will be one of the albums of 2017 ?

@wtnfmusic new record is #jccooperlive @rivietafm featured Album of the week -

Playlist -

Just Music -Invincible 

AGK -Ay-Yo 

The Malthusian Trap -Lancashire 

Quorum -Things Don't last 

Boy Wonder -Starboy 

Star Styles -Dream on dreamer 

Connor Walsh -Mary Jane 

Stone Angles -Take me 

Concrete Donkey -Fortune & Glory  

Gravity Drive -Kaleidoscope

Radiosaurous -Where the witches  hang 

Chay Snowdon -Famous 

A band on hope -Low budget high life 

Skyborn -Chaos 

Christopher Robert Frazier -Sex 

Joanna Cooke -Dark days 

Rosie Eade Band -The fire ( show live recording ) 

Featured Album -

Where the night falls -Heal the love 


Sharon Lazibyrd -What time is later 

Double Denim -Discotheque 

Jax -suga rush 

Confined spaces 


Tough girl image 

Featured Artist -Seconds to burn 

Perfect Life 

High Almighty 

Info -

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